"I could've placed my loved ones at any nursing facility in the region however I chose Sweetwater Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Yes I'm the Dietary Manager here but because I know every nook and cranny of this place if I wasn't satisfied with what I've seen with the staff, I wouldn't have hesitated to look at other nursing homes. Over the years my mother, uncle, aunt, brother-in-law and cousin have all stayed here. In the case of my mother, they couldn't even get her to leave the building to come home for a visit she loved it here so much. I guess what they say about this place is true: the residents are made to feel like family so much that the staff wouldn't think of placing their own family members anywhere else!"
Sue Smith, Sweetwater, TN

"My wife Glenda and I are very satisfied with every aspect of Sweetwater Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. My aunt is a resident there, and the care and attention they’ve given her is fantastic. She has been there for two years. The staff gets five stars from me!"
Jerry Snyder, Sweetwater, TN